After-sales service


Before talking to you about after-sales service, we would like to inform you that the E-FLEX is a very robust and very reliable scooter. After several hundred copies now in service, we can confirm to you, as well as the stores which distribute it, that the E-FLEX is very very rarely subject to problems. This is an extremely positive and rare point in the world of electric scooters which deserves to be highlighted.

The E-FLEX is made to last and will save you money over time by avoiding trips to the repair workshop. Reliability was an important criterion for the engineer who designed the E-FLEX... criterion met!

The E-FLEX is certainly the most reliable urban electric scooter at the moment.

Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you and all our distribution partners who offer the E-FLEX . We know that after-sales service is a sine qua non condition for earning your trust and developing our brand. After-sales service is an important point to which we must provide a precise and convincing response. So as not to disappoint you, Xerider sets up an efficient after-sales service for its customers and distribution partners: A rapid response to your problem. A large stock of spare parts available immediately. A specialized technician with a repair workshop and a suitable logistics warehouse. Fast parts shipments with UPS. We hope to provide you with complete satisfaction in processing your after-sales service requests.

You are having problems with your E-FLEX ? Whether it is under warranty or not, our after-sales service technicians are here to help you find the solution.

After-sales service is provided in our own workshop by qualified personnel or can be provided by a partner distributor.
Throughout the warranty period, we provide support for your E-FLEX . All our products are guaranteed for 2 years !

If your product is no longer under warranty, no problem, we offer to carry out the repairs on estimate.

Very often, troubleshooting can be done by telephone/video with simple manipulations. If this is not the case, the technical team will ask you to return/reship your product to the showroom, to carry out a more in-depth diagnosis to determine the reasons for the failure and the repairs to be carried out. Xerider will keep you informed of any repairs to be carried out. We can also direct you to an approved distributor near you who can take care of the breakdown.

My E-Flex is experiencing a breakdown, what should I do?

You have purchased your E-FLEX on the website

If you encounter damage to the E-FLEX and you purchased it on the site The first instinct is to contact us either by telephone at 07 56 86 10 00 or by email at Most of the time, the problem can be resolved remotely. Otherwise, Xerider will provide you with a return voucher upon simple request after having established together that the problem cannot be repaired remotely.

The After-Sales Service (After-Sales Service) request must be made by sending an email to

Call the after-sales service at, who will be able to give you the procedure to follow or perhaps resolve your problem remotely.

If the product is covered by warranty, Xerider will cover the cost of returning the E-FLEX after repair. The costs of shipping the broken down vehicle to the showroom will always be the responsibility of the buyer. If you can replace the defective part yourself, Xerider will send you the part at no cost so that you can carry out the repair yourself.
Reshipment costs in the event of a breakdown covered by the warranty are based on the initial delivery address and concern deliveries to mainland France. These costs are covered by Xerider in the event of a guaranteed breakdown.

If it turns out, after receipt of the scooter at the workshop, that the product cannot be covered by the warranty, whatever the reason, Xerider reserves the right to re-invoice the return shipping costs .


We undertake to respond to you within 48 hours following receipt of your after-sales service request by e-mail.

You have purchased your E-FLEX in a store or on the website of one of our distribution partners

If you encounter damage, you must contact the store in which you purchased it to find out about the after-sales service procedure it has put in place. It is also possible that he will ask you to contact the Xerider company directly. Generally speaking, if the problem cannot be repaired remotely, you will need to return the scooter to the store where you purchased it so that the store will take care of the repair, whether under warranty or out of warranty.

You also have the option of taking it to another partner store that offers the E-FLEX . The breakdown will be taken care of in the same way, even if it is preferable to opt for the store that sold it to you or a commercial relationship has already been established, this may lead to being entitled to a small additional service that you wouldn't have had it anywhere else.

We also remind you of the new rules applicable to the use of EDPMs from July 1, 2020.

Motorized Personal Travel Vehicles: what has changed since July 1, 2020
The implementation of the October 2019 decree referring to the new legislation for EDPMs (electric scooters, hoverboards, etc.) took place on July 1. The decree being effective, each user of an EDPM must comply with the new measures resulting from the decree. The electric scooter (like each EDPM) is increasingly used in the city because it saves energy and time compared to other more traditional modes of transport such as the car for example. However, each EDMP user must ensure that they respect the following measures:
• Maximum dimensions of an EDPM: maximum width of 90cm wide; max length 135cm.
• Braking: each EDPM must have effective brakes (no details as to the type of brake to have). In addition, 3-wheel scooters must now have a parking brake.
• Audible warning device: is mandatory and must be able to be heard at least 50 meters away.
• Lighting: each EDPM must be equipped with a front and rear position light at night, as well as during the day in cases of poor visibility.
• Reflector: passive lighting is now mandatory.