Non-slip board grip and E-FLEX sticker

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Self-adhesive board grip for E-FLEX

Original spare part developed for the XERIDER E-FLEX electric scooter.

  • Black, die-cut, anti-slip and self-adhesive grip for E-FLEX, with printed XERIDER E-FLEX logo.

Tip for taking off the old grip: Use a hair dryer to heat the old worn grip well. This will soften the glue to make it easier for you to take off. Lift a corner of the grip and pull gently until it is completely removed, while heating continuously.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the board before applying the new grip.

The ideal, before gluing your new grip, is to iron a coat of varnish. At best you can fine sand the deck before re-varnishing the board. In this way, you maintain the wood which is a material sensitive to humidity. The varnish protects the surface of the wood from stains, scratches and humidity while sublimating the support.

Item reference: P32-EFLEX