SHARKSET RS1 electric scooter

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Discover our latest creation which will amaze you with its unique design, clean lines, superior manufacturing quality and optimized performance.


Aesthetically sublime

The SHARKSETRS1 frees itself from any complexity and differentiates itself by favoring a refined and sober design, with fluid curves with ideal proportions. The aesthetics of this electric scooter will not leave you indifferent.

New Sharkset RS1

A captivating design


Exceptional performance

The SHARKSET RS1 scooter is equipped with two cutting-edge DC brushless motors, each offering a power of 1400W (peak), for a total of 2800W. With dual 25A sine wave controllers, you can easily climb slopes up to 20° (37%) while enjoying quiet operation.

The SHARKSET RS1 48V offers impressive acceleration and rivals most 60V electric scooters. It is one of the most powerful on the market. Its dynamism, sportiness, excellent handling and exemplary braking will surprise you. Try it and form your own opinion.


Tubeless tires 10'

The tires are TUBELESS type, 10" inches (25.4cm) x 2.7" wide. A tubeless tire translates as “tire without an air tube”. The inner tube function of a tubeless tire is therefore integrated into the tire, the lower membrane and the plating on the rim ensuring waterproofing. The advantage of a tubeless tire is that it is more robust: there are therefore fewer punctures. Other advantages include better waterproofing, more comfortable cushioning and better grip on the road.

Hydraulics or nothing

Hydraulic braking formidable

The SHARKSET RS1 is equipped with two double-piston hydraulic disc brakes with a 160mm disc for formidable braking. These XOD brand brakes have been carefully selected by us for their remarkable efficiency. A guarantee of security.

The braking of the SHARKSET RS1 is better than that of competing scooters equipped with NUTT or ZOOM hydraulic brakes. The brake levers are also thicker, offering better comfort.


Pendant lights ultra efficient

The suspension of the SHARKSET RS1 is provided by two spring suspensions providing excellent shock absorption!

Users are unanimous; The Sharkset RS1 has exceptional comfort which allows you to cover very long distances without ever feeling tired over the long haul.

The SHARKSET RS1 can be driven

Chelm station

The Sharkset RS1 has a remarkable cockpit and control screen. The scratch-resistant OLED screen displays readable information in all lighting conditions, even in broad daylight. Get useful data such as speed, remaining battery charge, driving mode (eco, normal, sport), lock status, light indicator and single or twin engine mode.

OLED screen

Scratch-resistant OLED screen. Turn on the lights and the screen intensity will dim to adapt to the darkness so as not to dazzle you.

Hydraulic brake

Exceptional braking with a double piston front & rear.

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles provide optimal comfort for your hands

Thumb throttle

Ideal accelerator to free up brake handle space. Acceleration is latency-free and smooth. Dose the power as you wish with precision.

Turn signals & horn

Turn signal and horn buttons. Activate it left or right to activate your indicators, visible at the front and rear of your scooter.

Driving mode

Buttons to change your driving modes.


Riding in the rain is a formality

The SHARKSET RS1 scooter comes with an IPX5 water resistance rating. This high rating will protect your scooter from water damage when used in the rain or in large puddles. You can also wash it with a jet of water without any problem. For increased overall protection, the battery is housed in an aluminum case inside the scooter.

Details & specifications

Details make the difference

The SHARKSET RS1 has a high quality 48V-20.8Ah battery, protected by a waterproof aluminum case inside the deck. This shielding also acts as a firewall in the event of a battery malfunction, ensuring optimal security. Safety is a key priority for this scooter.

The SHARKSET RS1 complies with European safety regulations. It is equipped with the LP-16 charging connector which guarantees optimal safety, being waterproof and anti-electrocution. Most competing products fail to meet this standard and many others.

The SHARKSET RS1 is equipped with essential signal lights for visibility and safety. It includes a powerful front headlight, a rear headlight with brake light, front and rear indicators integrated into the frame, as well as blue ambient lighting under the deck. Orange reflective reflectors are present on the sides, and one at the front to comply with legal standards. The Sharkset RS1 ensures optimal safety.

The Sharkset RS1's folding system is innovative and guarantees no play in the steering. You can adjust the pressure to eliminate any potential play in the column. In accordance with current regulations, the system unlocks in three distinct steps to prevent accidental opening. This secure and robust element will give you complete satisfaction.

The very maneuverable Sharkset RS1 has a remarkable turning radius, allowing optimal maneuverability. A simple push is enough to turn it around in no time. It is ideal for sneaking or storing.

The rear footrest is simply magnificent and gives the SHARKSETRS1 a sporty look similar to that of a sports car rear wing, but above all offers absolute driving comfort thanks to excellent rear foot support

The Sharkset RS1 is equipped with a temporary anti-theft device: If you have not passed the NFC badge but the scooter is on, the wheels will be blocked for a period of 5 minutes before your scooter automatically turns off. This system only prevents the scooter from rolling for 5 minutes. A Use only under supervision.



The SHARKSET RS1 is folding and lightweight (32.6 kg). Its robust and innovative folding system and its reduced dimensions allow easy storage as well as relatively easy transport. The SHARKSET RS1 will accompany you wherever you go!

The Sharkset RS1 is dazzling!

It has comprehensive lighting including indicators, headlights, ambient LEDs and a bright OLED screen.


NFC badge starting

Ensure the security of your scooter with NFC badge ignition (2 copies supplied).

Startup Badge

NFC badge allowing you to unlock your RS1. It is supplied in two copies with your scooter. Without this badge, no one will be able to use your scooter. The Sharkset RS1 also has an anti-theft system consisting of blocking the wheels for five minutes after switching on, as long as you have not activated the badge!

From dream to reality!

A colorful and high-quality product... nothing but happiness!

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2 years warranty

The SHARKSET RS1 is guaranteed for 2 years, with support and an experienced technical service, located in France.

Free delivery France, Germany, Belgium, Italie, Spain

Free delivery of the SHARKSET RS1 throughout France with UPS. In 1 to 3 days maximum!

Detached pieces

We have all the spare parts in France for the Sharkset RS1. A problem...we are here to help.

The characteristics of the Sharkset RS1

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48V - 20.8Ah / superior quality cells brand DMEGC - The best (grade A) Chinese cells that can be found. Identical cells fitted to all products of the "BOSH" brand, synonymous with German quality, as well as "NAMI" scooters. FYI, the "Dualtron" brand uses lower quality grade (B) cells...

POWER 1400W x 2

1400W x 2 - Twin motor DC brushless motor with grade (A) magnets, the best possible motor quality. Grade (A) magnets never demagnetize and offer increased reliability and longevity.

Using single motor mode: The SHARKSET RS1 uses only 18A of the 25A available from the rear controller, thus avoiding overheating and increasing battery life.


Each controller offers 25A at sine waves. The quality of our controllers is also a positive point. High quality controllers guaranteeing significant reliability over time.


25 km/h restricted - 57 km/h GPS unrestricted (on private roads only).


70 km in single engine (eco mode - single engine), 70kg. The SHARKSET RS1 offers exceptional autonomy in single engine mode. The reason: In single motor (i.e. operating with a single controller), we only use 18A of the 25A available on the controller. This allows you to maintain a margin so as not to overheat and burn out the single controller in operation, which often happens on other brands when you go single-engine. This also saves energy to go even further.


The SHARKSET RS1 is waterproof against very strong splashes of water (rain, snow) (not submersible). The RS1 is the perfect scooter for riding in any weather.


54.6V - 2A (11h) / Fast charger option 54.6V - 4A (5h) (soon available) - LP-16 type charging connector (latest European safety standard), anti-electrocution connector.


Front + rear light / Turn signals / Yellow LED lights under deck


Tubeless 10" inches (25.4cm) * 2.7" width


Front & rear hydraulic brakes from the XOD brand + Magnetic brake


Front and rear spring suspension (option: hydraulic suspensions to come)


32.6kg / 120kg


Folded 1265 x 617 x 586 MM / unfolded 1265 x 617 x 1306 MM


Aircraft-grade aluminum frame and handlebars


By NFC badge recognition (2 cards provided)


Wheels blocked if not unlocked with NFC badge, for 5 minutes


OLED screen, extremely visible in all brightness. Information: speed & distance display / battery gauge / voltage / driving mode (eco, normal, sport) / single or twin engine / light activation / NFC activation /


Available as an option


2 years - 1 year battery


Standard: Horn + front and rear indicators integrated into the frame


The significant torque of the twin-engine SHARKSET RS1 will allow you to climb slopes of up to 20° (37%) in absolute silence.