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6 reasons why you should buy from a certified dealer

6 reasons why you should buy from a certified dealer

8 reasons why you should buy from certified or authorized dealers

With the growing popularity of online shopping, it is becoming easier for consumers to compare prices and buy online from the comfort of their armchair at home. With one click on the internet, all the prices from the different sellers are displayed on your computer screen. If all products look the same, most consumers will likely opt for the cheapest price. And yet you may be buying a product that does not match the description at all or even a dangerous copy. Let’s look at some factors that you, the informed consumer, should be aware of.

1. Non-existent or unclear clauses

Well, you may not need additional services such as delivery and advice provided by Xerider, but you should still look at other terms of the sale, such as fine print or clauses exclusion of warranty. Most of these online deals only have a one-month warranty.

Sometimes items that should have been delivered with the product are sold separately. For example, charger, cover, handle, etc. In some cases, even if the spare parts are part of the warranty, the consumer is sometimes charged exorbitant repair costs.


Some marketplaces: Amazon - Conforama - Fnac - Ebay - Darty - Cdiscount - Priminister - Showroomprivé - Boulanger - Rueducommerce - Auchan - Go-sport…

It is important to remember that marketplaces that offer electric scooters on their site almost never have the product in stock. The marketplace is just one more intermediary which offers on its site products put on sale by anonymous resellers most often. There is very little way to know the reliability of the reseller, who can disappear from the market place overnight. In addition, the marketplace does not guarantee the execution of the guarantee in the event of a problem. This task is the responsibility of the dealer. A reseller often based abroad to benefit from lighter regulations or taxes than in our country. Unfortunately, too many unscrupulous resellers offer products on these marketplaces. By purchasing on a marketplace, you take the risk of being delivered a copy, of not having a guarantee, and no after-sales support.

The same goes for sites or blogs that offer you their selection of the 10 best electric scooters of the moment. With in essence, an Amazon link under each item to be able to order it, from whom… from Amazon of course. Very often, these sites only reference products present on Amazon. Once the product is purchased on Amazon we come back to the same problem mentioned above.


Dropshipping is the act of offering products on a site without having stock, generally with direct shipping from China to the individual. The website only purchases the product when you have purchased it. The product found in China or on platforms is then sent to the buyer. This is followed by a delivery time that is generally quite long, 2 to 3 weeks in the best case.
This sales technique has also established itself in the world of EDPs, electric scooters and other machines. These resellers, generally anonymous, are often based abroad and do not respect the standards in force in our country.
By purchasing dropshipping from a stranger, you are giving up on the warranty, certificates, after-sales service... and as a bonus you risk purchasing a dangerous copy. We regularly encounter victims of so-called bargains on the Internet.


We warn you against the appearance of so-called unscrupulous specialized sites, wishing to ride the trend of single-person electric vehicles. Before buying from a site, always check the reliability of the site and the company that manages the site and ask yourself the right questions. Many sites act as specialized resellers and offer attractive products, almost too many. But when you look a little, you realize that these sites have no legitimacy and are often based abroad. Its sites do not even exist in the eyes of the law and offer no guarantee. Here are some clues you should check before buying from a website:

  • Does the company have a Siret number which allows the company to be identified?
  • Does the site belong to a French company?
  • Are there general conditions of sale?
  • Are the legal notices mentioned?
  • Can we find the company on SOCIETE.COM
  • Is there a store, head office, repair shop
  • Do we have access to a contact with telephone number, address

We can only advise you to be very attentive and to carefully check the identity of the reseller before purchasing your product online.


Unauthorized retailer inventory comes primarily from Chinese retailers whose products are purported to be manufactured for and sold in the Chinese market. Note that product specifications are slightly different for domestic products and export products. It is not difficult to identify the goods exported in parallel, all bearing a serial number. In cases of parallel exports, manufacturers have the right to refuse to supply spare parts or refuse a warranty claim.


Note that all authorized resellers are appointed by the manufacturers and have signed agreements with them to distribute their products.
“When I purchased the….., I was promised a warranty. I noticed that there was a battery problem in the 5th month and the charge was not complete. I returned the product and they denied the problem. They asked me to wait a few more months and be patient. After 8 months they finally told me that my battery warranty had expired and that there was nothing they could do”
So be aware that parallel importers and unauthorized resellers will have warranty issues. You are taking a huge risk when it comes to after-sales support.
Please note that to avoid a deterioration in their after-sales service, all major brands of unicycles and electric scooters (KingSong, Inmotion, NineBot etc.) have come together and agreed not to repair or honor the warranty parallel exporters.

We believe, at Xerider, that it is important that it is a purchase of trust because we want to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. We do not condone bad practices. All our products have also received the required certifications.

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