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XERIDER reminds that taking out insurance for NVEI (electric bike, electric scooter, gyro wheel, etc.) is mandatory . Insurance will cover possible damage against pedestrians or other vehicles. PEDs (Personal Displacement Devices) are self-propelled motorized land vehicles (no human assistance is necessary for them to move forward, unlike electric bicycles). According to the insurance code, they must therefore be insured, exactly like a motorcycle or a car, in order to be able to travel.

In order to drive with peace of mind, XERIDER strongly advises you to take out insurance.

Xerider has set up a partnership with the insurer WIZZAS to make your task easier in finding your insurer for your electric scooter. In addition, all our electric scooter models; HUNTER QUAD, SLACK, MOSPHERA are already listed at WIZZAS and can be insured there if you wish. You can of course also insure the model of your choice.

We chose WIZZAS because the guarantees they offer seem interesting to us. In addition the fact that you are insured up to a speed of 45km/h . However, remember that the law authorizes a maximum of 25 km/h on public roads. This means that even if you are the victim of an accident on public roads and you drive illegally above the speed of 25km/h and below 45km/h, your insurance will work. This is a unique guarantee that only WIZZAS offers. In all cases, you are insured up to 45km/h. We nevertheless remind you that it is essential to respect the highway code when using an electric scooter and not to exceed 25km/h on public roads.

XERIDER has negotiated a discount for you with our partner WIZZAS

With the code: RIDE5 Benefit from a 5% discount on your deadlines.

If you have questions about how insurance works, please click on the following link for the FAQ.
To insure your vehicle, please click on the following link