Expertise at the service of our partners

Dear future partner, our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you: service is a sine qua non condition for earning your trust. After-sales service is an important point to which we must provide a precise and convincing response. So as not to disappoint you, Xerider sets up an efficient after-sales service for its reseller partners: A large stock of spare parts, a suitable logistics warehouse, rapid shipments. We hope to provide you with complete satisfaction in processing your requests, whether in terms of stock or after-sales service.


Myself and Farahbod, during our discussions, we realized that we had a common passion; micro-mobility. We also realized that by sharing our knowledge and our structures, we could offer a unique service to international buyers looking for electric mobility solutions and thus offer our products to a greater number of people.

On the one hand, in China, we have access to quality sourcing. By being established directly on site, Farahbod, who has lived there for 4 years, continually works to develop an unprecedented network of the best Chinese service providers, components and manufacturers. Valuable knowledge that we wish to share with you by offering you a catalog of the best Chinese and Asian productions. But also very personal productions that resemble us like the E-FLEX and others to come.

On the other hand, in France, Stéphane focuses on developing the Xerider brand on the European market by meeting distributors and promoting the Xerider catalog via modern means of communication, including social networks. He is in charge of managing the logistics platform which allows him to deliver to his customers and distributors in record time. An efficient after-sales service has been put in place to offer its customers extremely valuable peace of mind. Proximity with our customers is a value that we wish to highlight.


China is the undisputed leader in electric vehicle manufacturing. China is full of electric mobility manufacturers and their supremacy in this area is no longer in doubt. Unfortunately the quality is not always there. You have to be attentive and know a little about it because there are both very good and very bad things in production. It is essential to know exactly what you are buying and not rely solely on the CE certificate presented to you by the manufacturers. You would take a significant risk to import a vehicle that does not meet at least the safety and reliability standards that Western countries require.

Also, many distributors are hampered in their desire to import electric vehicles because they cannot or do not wish to provide the restrictive after-sales service with the need to have spare parts for the vehicles they offer. sale.

Likewise, some buyers and distributors work with just-in-time inventory. The order minimums imposed by Asian manufacturers, often high, do not allow them to have access to these sources of supply.

As you have understood, purchasing electric vehicles is not a trivial act and there are some precautions to take before importing a vehicle because the safety and security of customers, who will use the vehicles, depend on it.


Our Asian and European structure supports you throughout your supply process, from selection to after-sales service. By purchasing Xerider products, you are sure to acquire reliable vehicles with a base in Europe that will be able to respond effectively to any after-sales service request from your customers. Xerider secures your purchases and frees you from the constraints of restrictive after-sales service so that you can concentrate on what is important; the sale.

By choosing a Xerider vehicle, you benefit from all our experience and expertise. You access a catalog of proven and reliable products with the assurance of benefiting from efficient and local after-sales service.

With Xerider , you don't just become an average customer but become a full-fledged partner. We offer you the best of electric mobility but also serenity and peace of mind that is priceless.

Note that to date, the E-FLEX is popular with distributors because they encounter almost no problems with the E-FLEX and what's more, it is very popular....

The advantages of sourcing vehicles from Xerider
Exclusive products that you won't find elsewhere.
Products with approved and verified CE standards.
Reliable vehicles developed or carefully tested by our office in China and France.
A stock of spare parts in France for all our vehicles.
Delivery throughout Europe via UPS
A very attractive discount rate

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