Our team

We have only one objective: To offer you the cream of electric micro-mobility with exemplary service. One of our strong points is to have an office in China, as close as possible to the heart of global production of electric micro-mobility. We therefore have total control of the quality of our products, from design, manufacturing to final distribution. Uncompromising on quality, we only select the best components and the best suppliers for our products. We pay particular attention to the reliability of our products because the satisfaction of our customers is the source of our success. The whole team welcomes you to Xerider.

Stéphane T.

Manager and creator of the company Xerider, I am a sourcing and import specialist with a particular affection for trade and marketing. For more than a decade, I traveled extensively throughout Asia to find decorative products that I imported for mass distribution. Needing to explore other horizons, I moved towards electric mobility a few years ago out of passion. The ecosystem that we have created with our team allows us to position ourselves today as a very creative and innovative company which aims to offer you only totally exclusive products. I pay particular attention to the satisfaction of our customers, whether in terms of product or after-sales service. At Xerider, we have a common mission: To offer you trendy, innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices in the field of electric mobility.

Farahbod M.

Graduated with a doctorate in civil engineering and based in China in the heart of production, I manage the development and production of Xerider products. I have been in permanent contact with Asian production for several years in electric micro-mobility and I can assure you that no Asian supplier or component has any secrets from me. My mission, in collaboration with the headquarters in France, is to bring my knowledge to the development of new exceptional products either starting from a blank sheet, or from a base that we carefully optimize according to our requirements. . The quality control of our productions by me is the final phase of my responsibility. My only goal; offer you the best, at the best price.