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Who is Xerider?

Photo by Stephane

Stéphane Taillandier is the creator of Xerider.
Above all, he is a passionate and fervent user of alternative mobility.

Indeed, he is convinced that the New Individual Electric Vehicles represent the future of mobility in the city.

Xerider is based partly in Sens, in Burgundy, where Stéphane distributes throughout Europe all the products that the brand offers in its catalog.

However, the company has a sourcing, engineering and technical studies office located directly in China in Taizhou.

This structure, located in the center of the cradle of the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, is headed by Farahbod Mohammadi, a highly qualified engineer and expert in electric mobility.

Photo by Farahbod

After obtaining his doctorate in civil engineering in 2016, Farahbod decided to create his first electric vehicle, which he developed entirely. The E-Flex electric scooter was born.

Shortly after, Stéphane meets the engineer and thus, discovers the E-Flex. He immediately sees the potential of this scooter which is just starting its marketing.

Xerider quickly becomes the first importer and signs exclusivities.

Quickly, the E-Flex is acclaimed and is distributed in more than 35 stores throughout France and Belgium.

Farahbod in China and Stéphane in France work closely together to offer international buyers and distributors around the world the best in electric mobility.

They put all their knowledge at the service of a common mission: To offer trendy, innovative, high quality products at competitive prices in the field of electric mobility.

Through their collaboration, a friendship was created, as well as the desire to offer users reliable and quality vehicles, as well as efficient customer service and logistics.

The satisfaction of Xerider's customers remains at the heart of the team's priorities.

Xerider logo

Furthermore, following the establishment of a website and a showroom dedicated to electric micro-mobility, Xerider quickly positioned itself as a reference in this field.

Indeed, the E-Flex was very well received by micro-mobility professionals who immediately spotted the product and saw a certain potential.

“Finally a real novelty”.

By acquiring the E-Flex, you enter the world of micro-mobility through the front door with a machine designed to ensure new driving pleasure and sensational performance.

The product will evolve and other versions will see the light of day soon, as well as a series of accessories like we have never seen in this range of scooters, business to follow...

So, what are you waiting for to ride differently?

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