E-FLEX stem folding and locking system

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Stem folding and locking system for E-FLEX


Original spare part developed for the XERIDER E-FLEX electric scooter.

This part allows you to fold or unfold the scooter by pressing on the pedal. This folding system is the latest version, reinforced version.

A little advice on the correct way to fold your E-FLEX:

Folding the E-Flex scooter is easy if you push the handlebars forward at the time of pressure rather than backwards. If you press the trigger and try to pull the handlebars back, you will force it and the folding will not take place. You then tend to apply greater pressure thinking that the problem comes from the force of pressure, which is not the case, you then risk breaking the trigger.

On the other hand, if you lightly press the trigger with your foot and push the handlebars slightly forward, you will see that the lock releases easily, without forcing. Then pull the handlebars back.

Article reference: P20-EFLEX