SLACK CORE 920R electric competition scooter

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CE electric scooter, approved for public roads after restricting 25km/h.
Xerider is the exclusive French importer of the SLACK brand
SLACK CORE 920R a summary of high-end technology .

The SLACK CORE 920R is certainly to date the most efficient electric scooter in the world , designed to be the queen of the circuits. Competition is in his genes. The specifications were simple: design a scooter with the best in terms of components and engineering . Its unique structure offers it exceptional characteristics .
There SLACK CORE 920R is aimed at enthusiasts who seek pure performance and exclusivity . A summary of technology to reach the heights.


Extreme performance, the DNA of the CORE 920R

The SLACK CORE 920R is a power monster with more than 30,000KW . It can reach 147km/h (on a circuit) at top speed . It's quite simply the fastest electric scooter in the world .

Unique titanium & aluminum structure

The chassis of the SLACK CORE 920R is a work of art. Designed around an assembly of cast aluminum parts and forged titanium , this unique design gives the chassis high strength and a certain flexibility which allows it to perfectly absorb vibrations and torsion phenomena. Reach stratospheric speeds in absolute comfort with total stability . The SLACK CORE 920R is very safe despite its exceptional performance.


Pilot cockpit
A minimalist steering console that goes to the essentials: Below the superb titanium handlebars , you will find a tension gauge , a driving mode selection dial and a key switch .

A control screen (display) is available as an option but the speed is currently only available in miles/h.





Effective after-sales service

XERIDER and FUNTROTT are joining forces and working as a team in the development of the SLACK range in order to offer you high-level after-sales service that matches the exclusivity of the range.

Whether in the repair or customization of the most beautiful electric scooters, FUNTROTT's reputation is well established. A true institution and unique know-how recognized throughout Europe, serving the SLACK range in collaboration with XERIDER!