Flexible/Soft Springs (x2) Yellow SHARKSET Ninebot & Xiaomi

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Flexible/Soft springs (pair) for SHARKSET suspension shock absorbers for Ninebot Max G30/LE & SHARKSET for XIAOMI M365

  • Sharkset shock length (for info): 125mm
  • Delivered by 2 (the pair)
  • Range: SUPPLE / SOFT
  • Colors: Yellow
  • Weight of the two combined springs: approx. 158grs
  • Fits on both Sharkset suspensions: That of the Ninebot MAX G30 and that of the Xiaomi M365

Accessory developed for the SHARKSET Ninebot Max G30 / LE suspension & for the SHARKSET XIAOMI M365 / PRO / PRO2 suspension.

Springs for Sharkset suspension, suit to the SHARKSET NINEBOT MAX G30 / LE and suit also for the SHARKSET XIAOMI M365 / PRO / PRO 2

Item reference: P7-SHARKSET