Set of 14 screws + conical washers fixing E-FLEX tray

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Set of 14 screws with conical washers for tray fixing for E-FLEX

Original spare part developed for the XERIDER E-FLEX electric scooter.

Set of 14 allen screws + 14 conical washers, for fixing the wooden top to the front and rear platforms.

Maintenance and tightening advice

Do not tighten these screws extremely hard but enough to ensure good cohesion of the parts and good rigidity of the assembly. If you overtighten, you risk breaking the screws. Below the platter is a rubber pad that will settle if you squeeze very hard, which can reduce the quality of vibration absorption. On the other hand, it is necessary to regularly check the correct tightening of these screws.

It is advisable to regularly check the tightness of these screws, at least once a month, strongly stressed by the weight, the vibrations and the play that the rubber buffer can offer in compression. Depending on your use, these screws will tend to loosen slightly over time. Not to mention that wood is a flexible natural material that can settle.


Item reference: P38-EFLEX