SHARKSET yellow front suspension kit "Ninebot Max G30"

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Compatible with all versions: MAX/G30D/G30P/G30 II/G30E/G30E II/G30 V2/G30LP/G30LE/G30 LD

XERIDER is the exclusive European importer of SHARKSET suspensions


EXTRAORDINARY DISCOUNT, I’m taking advantage of it! 125€ per suspension instead of 170€


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YELLOW RIB & BLACK SPRINGS VERSION (2 sets of springs: Medium “installed” & Hard)
Xerider offers you high-end adaptive suspension for the Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter and all its different LE/D/L/LP versions...   
SHARKSET hits very hard with its new creation: A front suspension module adaptable to the Ninebot MAX G30 and all its later versions . This high-end suspension was created by Farahbod, the engineer who designed the E-FLEX from A to Z. And when we know the requirements of this engineer and the manufacturing quality of the E-FLEX, we can expect a quality suspension designed according to the rules of the art with noble and well thought-out materials.... and this is indeed the case.


The SHARKSET suspension is only available in Europe through the company XERIDER or its DISTRIBUTOR PARTNERS. In cooperation with the Sharkset company, Xerider is the European distribution platform for Sharkset accessories. Thanks to a large permanent stock, we are able to offer you very fast delivery thanks to UPS. Without forgetting our responsive after-sales service policy in the event of a problem. At Xerider, we consider our customers as ambassadors of our products and therefore we owe them the best, whether in terms of product or service.

An exemplary finish

Particular care has been taken in the finishing of this suspension equipped with two springs mounted on a cast aluminum swingarm, with front and rear mudguards.

Sharkset suspension for comfort and safety.

By equipping your Ninebot Max G30 with SHARKSET suspension, you will significantly improve the handling and grip of your scooter on the ground. You will also have much less unpleasant vibrations which can travel up the body or into the hands. This suspension is a guarantee of safety and driving pleasure that you will find hard to do without after trying it.

Precise suspension tuning for everyone

SHARKSET offers you in this kit, two sets of springs with different hardnesses! Never seen. You will be able to choose the set that suits you best (based on your weight or the desired damping style), tailor-made for unrivaled driving pleasure! In addition, you can further refine the suspension hardness of each spring by adjusting the tightening or loosening of the spring compression/relaxation ring. You therefore have a very wide range of suspension adjustment to adapt to all weights and all driving styles, great art! SHARKSET has thought of everything and everyone. 

For information

  • from 50 to 90 kg - medium springs
  • from 91 to 110 kg - hard springs
Comes with all the tools to assemble it

The Sharkset suspension comes with all the tools necessary to carry out the change yourself on your Ninebot Max G30. A tutorial video will be available to help you assemble and clearly explain all the assembly steps.

Spare parts available

Suspension spare parts are available from XERIDER in case of mistreatment.

Sharkset or nothing

By applying SHARKSET suspension, you do not compromise on your safety and comfort, quite the contrary. Don't wait any longer and treat yourself by equipping your Ninebot with this suspension. You will discover a new machine, more flexible and more pleasant to ride. You simply won't be able to do without it, we've warned you!!

Kit contents
  • A suspension mounted with the MEDIUM spring set
  • 2 sets of springs: Medium - Hard (Medium installed as standard)
  • 1 set of yellow side covers
  • 1 brake cable (which replaces the original cable)
  • 1 set of round orange reflectors
  • 1 set of front covers with reflective orange stickers
  • 2 mudguards
  • A set of tools to mount your suspension