Content E-flex Features:


Engine type Brushless BLDC HUB
Engine power Nominal power 350W - 680W in peak

Real max speed (GPS speed)

25 km/h in mode 3 (restricted by construction) (unrestricted version: 28/32 km/h, on private roads only)
Autonomy 30 km (depending on the load, use...)
Weight 14kg
Front suspension Yes, innovative ultra-efficient hybrid system
Rear suspension Yes, spring loaded
Battery 36V - 10.5 Ah - LG brand cells
Charger 42V, 2A
Controller Voltage DC36V - current 17A
Max load 110kg
Front tire 8 inches - inflatable
rear tire 8 inches - hard rubber
Material tray Glued laminated Canadian maple, premium quality, non-slip grip - The reference for skateboarders
Front brake YES as an OPTION - Inflatable inner tube tire equipped with a drum brake that can be activated with the right handle.
Rear brake YES, two systems: Magnetic EABS + mechanical caliper disc, activated with the left handle
EABS magnetic braking 5 braking intensity settings
Lights Yes front and back
Front light High power COB LEDs
rear light Fixed if light on & flashing when braking
Boot option Programmable: Direct start or after kicking the scooter
Unbridable Yes: 28-32km/h (only on private roads)
Driving mode Yes, 3 modes - M1=15km/h / M2=20km/h / M3=25km/h.
Torque / slopes 18 NM torque / Capable of climbing 8° to 12° grades depending on weight
display Yes indicating speed/total or instantaneous mileage/driving mode/light/battery charge/parameters….
Paint All extruded aluminum parts are anodized (some front shock parts). All aluminum castings are painted by electrophoresis.
Cruise control YES - speed stabilization (to be configured)
Waterproofing IP54 - Very water resistant. Rolls in the rain with no problem. Lower part of the scooter not sensitive to water, a huge advantage...
Dimensions Folded: length 113 cm x height 32 cm x width 19.5 cm
Unfolded: length 100 cm x height 113 cm x width 19.5 cm