the E-FLEX tested on our private track

Are you still hesitant about purchasing an E-Flex? You still doubt the real capabilities of this scooter... We have the solution so that all your doubts disappear and you make the best possible choice. We simply invite you to come and try the E-Flex on our test track! To validate your choice, we have not found a better argument than to let you take the handlebars of the E-Flex and form your own opinion. We will be happy to welcome you to our showroom. Your visit is without obligation and no financial compensation will be requested. You are free to leave without purchasing, but be careful: When you try an E-Flex, you will immediately become addicted to it! In addition to testing the E-Flex, we provide you with a wide range of electric scooters from different brands so that you can compare and make the right choice. You can try a powerful scooter as well as other machines such as gyrowheels or even an electric motorcycle for the more adventurous.
Our private 1400m2 test track is at your disposal to try the E-Flex in optimal conditions. Take the time to come and meet us to get to know the E-Flex and have a pleasant time trying out different electric machines. Discover the exciting world of micro-mobility with us. You will enjoy this moment of discovery.
To try the E-Flex electric scooter, you also have the option of going to the store closest to you that distributes the E-Flex. Our distribution partner will be happy to introduce you to the E-Flex. To find out the list of our distributors, please go to the “E-FLEX DISTRIBUTORS” section.
Our showroom and test track are located in Sens 89100 .

Please make an appointment before visiting us.

5 rue Saint Sauveur des Vignes
ZAC des Vauguillettes
89100 JOIGNY
Tel: 07 56 86 10 00