Who are we

XERIDER positions itself as a specialist in micro-mobility with a showroom and a dedicated website. Company founded by an alternative mobility enthusiast, convinced that New Individual Electric Vehicles represent the future of mobility in the city. Xerider has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the field of urban mobility. Xerider is at the heart of these emerging practices which prefigure the mobility uses of tomorrow.

After setting up a website and a showroom dedicated to electric micro-mobility, Xerider quickly positioned itself as a distributor of exclusive micro-mobility products.
With 12 years of experience in import/export, with numerous trips to Asia, I decided to put my knowledge to the benefit of micro-mobility and to offer you quality products with a strong identity. and real added value.

Today Xerider offers EXCLUSIVELY, in France and Switzerland, an exceptional, beautifully crafted product, the E-FLEX.

An innovative electric scooter with a devastating vintage look, with unique features and performance in this category of electric scooter.
The E-Flex was very well received by micro-mobility professionals who immediately spotted the differentiating product with certain potential. Finally a real novelty. It is already distributed by several brands throughout France, see list of our resellers on our site.
By purchasing an E-Flex electric scooter, you enter the world of micro-mobility through the front door with an extraordinary machine. Forget all the references you had and try an E-Flex and you will immediately understand why it is so popular. It is not only beautiful, it is also extremely effective. Professionals are unanimous about it and everyone who has tried it will tell you that the E-Flex exudes driving sensations and a pleasure that no other scooter in this range will be able to offer you. Its secret: Flexibility, punch and an exemplary finish. The E-Flex is an extraordinary scooter and we are proud to offer it to you exclusively.
The product will evolve and other versions should see the light of day soon, as well as a series of accessories like we have never seen in this range of scooters, to be continued...
In addition, the E-Flex is compatible with the new mobility decree: its speed is limited to 25 km/h. It is possible to unblock it to use it on private roads and unleash its potential...

So, what are you waiting for to ride differently!
The Xerider team

Xerider is also

  • A presentation showroom located in Sens 89100 .
  • A private test track of 1400 m2
  • The E-Flex on test as well as other brands to compare.
  • Financing solutions tailored to your needs. 3 or 4 times free of charge.
  • A repair shop .
  • Quality delivery services. UPS is our service provider .
  • Quality after-sales service. Whether for a return, an exchange, a breakdown or maintenance under warranty or out of warranty, our team will always be there to guarantee you the best service.
  • Spare parts available in stock.
  • Our products are guaranteed for 2 years , CE certified.
  • The E-Flex complies with current regulations.