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E-FLEX Steering Top Mount
E-FLEX Steering Top Mount

E-FLEX Steering Top Mount

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    Upper steering attachment for E-FLEX

    Original spare part developed for the XERIDER E-FLEX electric scooter.

    Aluminum part located at the upper part of the handlebar, inside the tube, just above the controller. This part is used to fix the part in which the handlebar will be fixed to the column. When you remove the screws from the headlight, in these same holes, at the bottom are 4 small allen screws (not easily visible). After removing the screws from the front headlight, using a smaller allen key, unscrew the 4 small screws. By screwing or unscrewing these 4 small screws, you will stick or take off this part which is in contact with the tube inside, and allow the controller to come out from above.

    Item reference: P34-EFLEX