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Xerider is the exclusive French importer of the brand HUNTER .

Delivery costs from Xerider warehouse to your home, at your expense.

CE electric scooter, Approved on public roads after certain modifications to be made (clamping & lighting). 


5600W - 72V - 2 motors - 47 kg - 2 discs - X2 hydraulic brakes - 11" tires - Autonomy approx. 100 km (40Ah) - Max speed approx. 80 km/h (on private roads)

The HUNTER LIMOUSINE is here "deflated" version of the HUNTER QUAD so to speak. THE performance And specificities none the less remain maddening and make this scooter the vehicle Perfect At daily . You benefit from the same excellent approved chassis of the QUAD with less power, more docile but no less swift, still capable of reaching 5600W peak, and capable of propelling you to more than 80 km/h (on private road) in absolute comfort!

The HUNTER LIMOUSINE is an electric scooter twin-engine BLDC capable of developing a total peak output power of 5600W ! Everything is powered by two controllers.

The controllers are placed inside the box receiving the base battery of 72V-40Ah . We can notice that the HUNTER LIMOUSINE does not have beveled blanks. It is nevertheless possible to upgrade the battery of the LIMOUSINE with a higher capacity battery, up to 75Ah as on the HUNTER QUAD ! For this, the controllers will be positioned on the blanks with the appropriate optional accessories.
Which makes the HUNTER LIMOUSINE , the electric scooter with almost the longest range in the world when equipped with the 72V-75Ah battery , simply enormous! An intermediate version with 72V-50Ah is also possible. However, the 72V-40Ah version may be more than enough if you do not intend to travel more than 100km (in the 40Ah version) on one charge.
The HUNTER LIMOUSINE , unlike its big sister the HUNTER QUAD , has only 1 front and rear shock absorber , more than enough. While the QUAD has 2 + 2 (power and higher weight oblige). Both models are equipped with hybrid hydraulic suspensions / EXA spring.

There HUNTER LIMOUSINE is equipped with tires To inner tube of 11" that can be chosen either on the road or off-road.

HUNTER LIMOUSINE is the ideal compromise for anyone looking for an exceptional scooter for their everyday life. Range HUNTER is renowned for its flexibility and cushioning comfort. A secure extra large deck. More than enough power with a gigantic autonomy and you get an admiral scooter that will transport you in exclusivity and absolute comfort.


The entire HUNTER range is equipped with batteries made in France by a specialized company based in 84. Experts who take particular care in the manufacture of lithium batteries and the BMS and who have all the French certifications and standards. The cells are of LG brand of Korean origins, the reference.

Xerider is certainly the first distributor in France to offer you a 2 YEAR WARRANTY (usually 1 year only) on the battery of your scooter. With Xerider you make a serene purchase. We simply give you the best without any compromise.

Specification tables



Color Aluminum

72V-40Ah or 72V-50Ah or 72V- 75Ah option (LG 21700) // BMS 60A // Made in France - 2-year WARRANTY

Controller 12 mosphets
Max Power 5600W
Engine 2 BLDC motors (front and rear)
Autonomy 100km (72V-40Ah)
Speed ​​(on private road) 80 km/h (on private road)
Weight 47kg
Max on-board weight 120kg

Magnetic brake +

Hydraulic X2

(1 front disc + 1 rear disc)

Charger Comes with a 5A charger - Has 2 charging ports with the possibility of combining 2 chargers of 5A each.
Tires 11" inch CST inner tube

1 front shock absorber. hydraulic

1 rear shock absorber. hydraulic EXA290

Length 1500mm
CE approved electric scooter 
Approval : The HUNTER range is now approved for driving on public roads (after modification) . The maximum length is no longer a problem because a new law indicates that the maximum length is now fixed at 165cm. A clamping at 25km/h will nevertheless be necessary to be able to drive on the open road, an option which will be available if you wish. You will also need to equip it with lighting so that you can ride on public roads.