MINI FAT BIKE XERIDER Electric motorcycle/balance bike

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Cool balance bike! Road approved for 25km/h.
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CE electric balance bike - Limited stock.

Xerider is the exclusive European importer of the XERIDER MINI BIKE.

This “mini fat bike” developed by Xerider is irresistible! Designed for adults, this electric motorcycle is also perfect for children wanting to learn about motorcycling.

A mini motorcycle for adults

The MINI BIKE Xerider is an original vehicle for any adult who wants to travel on an atypical machine, with style! The MINI BIKE Xerider is powerful and with its 350W and its 48V battery, it will have no trouble taking you on your daily journeys or on long walks.

Impressive speed & autonomy

The MINI BIKE XERIDER is limited to 25km/h which makes it completely legal to ride on the road (with insurance)! Braking is provided by two hydraulic disc brakes. Its 48V-13Ah battery will give you a generous range of 25-30 km, enough to consider long walks.

Fun for adults & great for kids

The MINI BIKE XERIDER is a lightweight mini electric motorcycle, extremely fun for adults and excellent for children who want to learn about electric motorcycles. It is still a powerful mini electric motorcycle and learning will be necessary before mastering the motorcycle. We recommend an age limit of 7 years before piloting this machine. For children, balance bike to be used on private roads only with all the essential protective equipment including a helmet and gloves at least.

An indestructible frame

As always, Xerider pays particular attention to the safety of all its machines. We have also paid particular attention to the strength of the frame of our fat bike by using quality steel, reinforcements and quality welds. You get a fat bike that is almost “indestructible” and very safe for you or your child. We can assure you of the quality of our MINI BIKE Xerider because our partner, Farahbod (in video above), based in our office in China, controls all our production to ensure that our specifications are respected. Our priority is to deliver a product that meets our high standards. At Xerider we hide nothing and we can show you the underside of our products without complexes. So we present to you below the superb chassis and the magnificent paint of our MINI KIKE!


48V - 13Ah / Lithium battery - high quality cells, removable battery

Power 350W nominal - Brushless DC hub motor in rear wheel
Speed 25 km/h
Screen LCD screen
Autonomy 25-30 km
Waterproofing IPX5 = waterproof against very strong splashes of water (karsher, rain, snow) (not submersible)
Frame In steel
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Handlebar In aluminium
Tires 17 inch inner tube tires
Weight 23kg
Charger Charger supplied 2A - CE
Approval Balance bike (electric motorcycle) with CE certificate, road approved because maximum nominal power of 350W and weight less than 30kg.